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The Magnetron System custom designed coils and modules are hand crafted in the USA, not commercially manufactured.

Our coils and modules are proprietary to our Magnetron system, therefore we do not recommend interchanging them with other manufacturer’s PEMF components which may cause damage to the system thereby voiding this warranty.

Since our frequency-to-pulse conversion module circuits have no high voltage components to fail like traditional capacitive discharge magnetic pulsers, and our simple yet high quality hand crafted coils are built in the USA, they will usually last indefinitely when used as instructed and are covered by our lifetime limited repair or replacement warranty.

The Magnetron system components will not work without being connected to a compatible amplifier.
WARNING: The Magnetron system is uniquely designed to work with the 2 ohm and 4 ohm amplifiers we recommend on our website. If you connect our system to a mis-matched amplifier, circuit damage to your amplifier will result!

The Magnetron System components can also be used with the recommended higher output amplifiers however those are only recommended for a PROFESSIONALLY MONITORED ENVIRONMENT and for use with our aluminum case modules due to the extremely high Gauss micro-current power which can quickly over-heat the coils and modules causing damage and possible injury thereby voiding this warranty.
Any other non-professional use is AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Please contact us for return shipping information prior to returning any of our components for warranty service. Warranty service return shipping is not covered outside the US.

Please do not attempt to open, tamper with or modify our modules or coils as you will void this warranty. If any purchase is returned dismantled and/or with circuit damage due to tampering or improper use, you will have to pay for all repairs, parts replacement and return shipping.

We do not offer demo’s or resell used products as each component is hand built to order.

Your purchase does not include any medical use advice. As with any magnetic pulser, our system is not recommended for use near any electrical medical implants. Please consult your physician if you have any concerns.

If you have any problem, need support setting up your system or if you have a question before you make your purchase, please contact us immediately by phone or email.

For Questions & Support Call:
(323) 522-5189 between 9am and 7pm est
If unavailable please leave a message for a same day return call.



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