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Get the facts before you buy. Speak to a professional with over 50 years in the electronics, circuit design and repair business, not a salesperson or multi-level marketer selling useless, overpriced products. As a Christian it is my nature to help people avoid gimmicks and costly mistakes.

If you need more information please call our support line during our business hours. If we’re not available to take your call please leave a message and your call will be returned the same day.

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If you are a medical professional or veterinarian and would like to receive a list of our incredible unsolicited testimonials, please send us your request with your business address, website and/or business email. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I really believe in your product and have referred several clients to your site after they saw what a positive effect the Magnetron had on their blood. In fact, I would like to order another for a client. Let me know how to proceed."
Anti-Aging Clinic
"In my veterinary practice I would never consider performing a surgery without using your magnetic pulsers post op, thanks so much."
"After using your Magnetron for only a few days we saw immediate benefits for our clients which led us to return the $3000 unit we've been trial testing for a month with no positive results. Your product is simply incredible and I appreciate your ongoing support, it has helped us tremendously. We have been ecstatic with how your device has helped us make our clients feel better. It is truly a blessing to have met you."
Pain and Wellness Clinic

This testimonial regarding a customer’s mother:
“She is 75yrs old, and in October of 2019, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 – Ovarian cancer. Her lower abdomen was riddled with cancer spots! So much so that the image looked like she had been shot with “buckshot!” She also had a large cancer spot near bottom of her left breast. For the next 2-month she had 3-rounds of Chemo treatments. And the end of December, she was taken 5-tablets of Adivan + 2 drops of morphine each day to manage the pain. And was not eating very much! And her Doctor wanted to remove her uterus…which she totally refused. She had given up on living! The 1st week in January 2020, she was placed in, “at-home hospice” and was given less than 1-month to live, and all doctor relations was stopped. She also starting using the Magnetron Pulser in her lower abdomen area – 10-12-each day…with the Flash drive unit…cycling through all the frequencies. By the 1st week of February, she was really looking bad and had not eating in 3 1/2 days, but was still using the Magnetron each day.

By the 3rd week in February, she was starting to eat a little, and then switched to the SD-drive. 12-14- hours each day. Her pain had subsided, and she was now – only taking 1-tab of Adivan and no drops of morphine each day. Now it is March 5th, and she is almost pain free. She is eating normally again, and is up and about around the house. She is still using the Magnetron 12-yrs per day! And only taking 1-tab of Adivan each day. Almost a miracle!!” 

(These are typical of the incredible unsolicited testimonies we’ve received. Since they involve pain management we can share them as the FDA has approved PEMF-type devices for the reduction of pain, however the Magnetron system is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any human disease. Note: The Rife frequencies are not designed to work as effectively with the Magnetron system they are for experimental use only, it’s most unfortunate that this lady didn’t use the SD card first.)

This is the testimonial regarding my own mother:
Our 91 year old mother walked into the hospital in October with a gall bladder bile duct infection. She was able to talk and walk but she hadn’t been eating very much for the week prior. After a week on IV fluids, antibiotics, morphine and Tramadol her condition deteriorated. She became very jaundiced and swollen. She was moaning in pain and unable to communicate clearly. The hematologist made a diagnosis of aggressive Prolymphocytic Leukemia T-PLL and recommended sending her home with hospice care as she was terminally ill. When mom came home from the hospital we immediately started her on our alternating field magnetic pulser protocol (similar to the NovoTTF-100A System™ an FDA approved therapy for brain cancer). The following days we noticed her symptoms and pain were dissipating. She was comfortable, the moaning had completely stopped and she could communicate again. The jaundice and swelling was gone and since she was free of any pain without taking Tramadol and morphine.

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